Writers Talk About the Woodcock Fund

Brian Brett“When Canadian literature is being celebrated around the world, it's distressing to know that the average writers' income in Canada is approximately 14,000 dollars. Because of fluctuating incomes, many of us have struggled through disastrous periods with the wolf at the door. The Woodcock Fund saved me when I was in trouble. In fact, it has discretely come to the assistance of many of our famed writers during tough times.”

Ronald Wright“The Woodcock Fund is not intended to fund the writing of a new book, or to help a beginning writer get going. It is for rescuing works that might be abandoned because of unforeseen calamity. Obviously, writers have no pension and no regular pay cheque and no health benefits other than basics. And I think George Woodcock both experienced lean periods in his own life and also had many friends who were fine writers but who, for one reason or another, would fall in to a crisis and need to be rescued.”

Pearl Luke“The Woodcock Fund helped me when I was under an enormous burden of worry. Although my novel was sold, advance money could only be released upon acceptance of the completed MS. The generous and timely patronage of the Woodcock Fund alleviated my immediate worries and enabled me to spend the next few months finishing the novel, which in turn fulfilled my publishing contract. The emergency grant moved me through a difficult time, and it restored a sense of hopefulness about my career.”

Margaret Atwood“I knew George Woodcock and I know people who have benefited from the fund. It was a very generous thing for him to do. He was a professional writer who knew the life – the block and the unblocks, the ups and the downs, sickness and health and the things that can ruin you, or seriously interfere with writing a book.”

Diane Schoemperlen“They just saved me. Here I was making a lot of progress in my so-called career and I was at the bottom of the barrel financially. I was completely depressed. I was ready to give up. They never made me feel bad. They understood the urgency of the situation right away. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Andre Alexis“Praise the Woodcock Fund to the skies! I received money at a crucial time. I felt I was sinking when the Woodcock Fund provided me with enough to keep going. Honestly, I can't express my gratitude.”




Woodcock Fund


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