Miranda HillMiranda Hill was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario and is the founder of Project Bookmark Canada, a project that installs literary text and poems in the exact physical location of their setting, allowing readers to understand meaning on another level. Winner of the 2011 Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize, this special attention to detail helped her study the makings of brilliant short fiction:

“I had been a student of the Journey Prize for a full nine years before my story ‘Petitions to Saint Chronic’ appeared in the pages of the anthology. Each year, I learned from the selected stories which magazines to submit to, writers to watch, and a myriad of ways to write a story that would capture an audience. It was a glimpse into the future of fiction in Canada, and I very much wanted to be part of that future. “

With a new book coming out on September 18 entitled Sleeping Funny (DoubleDay Canada, 2012), Miranda can confidently count herself as part of the future of fiction in Canada.

“Winning the Journey Prize was the largest, and most public acknowledgement my work had received."

"But more than the money, or remembering the moment my name was called, I treasure the fact that my name and the title of my story will sit forever in the back pages of subsequent Journey Prize anthologies, side-by-side with the names of writers I admire — those I know about already, and those whose work is still to come. It’s a great privilege to be part of that tradition. How lucky I am — how lucky all we writers and readers are — that the Writers’ Trust makes it possible.”

Miranda currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, writer Lawrence Hill, and their children.




Woodcock Fund



Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing


September 19 for books published between June 20 and September 18, 2018


Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction
and Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize


July 18 for books published between May 16 and Sept 30, 2018


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