2001 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize Winner

When Alice Lay Down with Peter by Margaret Sweatman 2001 Winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize Year 3: 1999

Margaret Sweatman
When Alice Lay Down with Peter
Knopf Canada

When Alice Lay Down with Peter by Margaret Sweatman 2001 Winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

An ambitious and inventive novel of love and rebellion that brilliantly brings history to life with passionately detailed descriptive writing that moves from the personal to the political.

This rich family saga spans a century of life on the Manitoba prairie, a larger-than-life landscape peopled with memorable characters. Sweatman's writing is masterfully layered, funny, spirited, generous and wise, and the book is full of unexpected pleasures that make it a compelling read.”

-2001 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize jury (Lesley Choyce, Eliza Clark, Olive Senior)

About the Book

When Alice lays down with Peter, the ground shakes, the sky opens up, and lightning strikes the lovers, wrapped around each other under the open sky. At that moment, they both know that Alice has become pregnant with their child. But Alice continues her disguise, and joins Peter in fighting alongside Louis Riel and the Métis, against efforts to bring the west into the Dominion. She even participates in the political execution of Riel’s foe Thomas Scott, and is haunted by his ghost for the rest of her days. But as their baby comes closer to term, Alice and Peter realize the need to create a home, and it is on their new property near St. Norbert that Blondie, our narrator, is born.

About the Author

Margaret Sweatman is a novelist, playwright, and lyricist. In addition to the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize, she has won the McNally Robinson Prize for Manitoba Book of the Year, the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction, the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, and the Carol Shields Winnipeg Award. She lives in Winnipeg.




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