2003 Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize Winner

Country of Cold by Kevin Patterson 2003 Winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

Kevin Patterson
Country of Gold
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Country of Cold by Kevin Patterson 2003 Winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

"A story collection innovative in form with characters that are flesh-and-bone solid, both familiar and unexpected at the same time.

Patterson writes prose with intimate, unerring dialogue, a sharp eye for the telling image, and a sixth sense for choosing exactly the right moment to convey his emotional punch. Country of Cold is a gripping, exquisitely crafted collection of linked stories."

-2003 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize jury (Kevin Chong, Lisa Moore, and Diane Schoemperlen)

About the Book

Graduating from high school in a small Canadian town, you are immediately faced with two stark choices: leave or stay. Country of Cold follows the stories of a disparate group of Dunsmuir, Manitoba’s class of 1980, most of whom leave, imagining that life happens elsewhere. They flee to the freedom of the big cities of the world and the far corners of Canada, but many end up feeling rootless and alone, whether as a physician in an Arctic Inuit community, a temporary boyfriend in Paris, or a student in the McGill Ghetto. 

About the Author

Kevin Patterson grew up in Manitoba, and put himself through medical school by joining the Canadian Army. Now a specialist in internal medicine, he practices in the Arctic and on the coast of British Columbia. His debut short fiction collection, Country of Cold, won the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize and the inaugural City of Victoria Butler Book Prize. He lives on Salt Spring Island, BC.




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