Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize

Collect all 29 editions of The Journey Prize Stories, an annual anthology containing the best of Canada's new writing.

2017 - Journey Prize Stories 29

Sharon Bala for “Butter Tea at Starbucks” in The New Quarterly
Darlene Naponse for “She Is Water” in The Malahat Review

2016 - Journey Prize Stories 28

Charlie Fiset for “If I Ever See the Sun,” in The Fiddlehead
Colette Langlois for “The Emigrants,” in PRISM international
J.R. McConvey for “How The Grizzly Came to Hang in the Royal Oak Hotel,” in EVENT

2015 - Journey Prize Stories 27

Emily Bossé for "Last Animal Standing on Gentleman's Farm," in The Fiddlehead
Deirdre Dore for "The Wise Baby," in Geist (Winner)
Anna Ling Kaye for "Red Egg and Ginger," in Prairie Fire

2014 - Journey Prize Stories 26

Tyler Keevil for "Sealskin,” in The New Orphic Review (Winner)
Lori McNulty for "Monsoon Season,” in Descant
Clea Young for "Juvenile,” in The Fiddlehead

2013 - Journey Prize Stories 25

Doretta Lau for "How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? in Event
Eliza Robertson for "My Sister Sang," in Grain
Naben Ruthnum for "Cinema Rex," in The Malahat Review (Winner)

2012 - Journey Prize Stories 24

Kevin Hardcastle for "To Have to Wait," in The Malahat Review
Andrew Hood for "Manning," in PRISM international
Alex Pugsley for "Crisis on Earth-X," in The Dalhousie Review (Winner)

2011 - Journey Prize Stories 23

Seyward Goodhand for "The Fur Trader's Daughter," in PRISM International
Miranda Hill for "Petitions to Saint Chronic," in The Dalhousie Review (Winner)
Ross Klatte for "First-Calf Heifer," in The New Orphic Review

2010 - Journey Prize Stories 22

Devon Code for "Uncle Oscar," in The Malahat Review (Winner)
Krista Foss for "The Longitude of Okay," in Grain Magazine
Lynne Kutsukake for "Mating," in The Dalhousie Review

2009 - Journey Prize Stories 21

Daniel Griffin for “The Last Great Works of Alvin Cale,” in The Dalhousie Review
Dave Margoshes for “The Wisdom of Solomon,” in The Dalhousie Review
Yasuko Thanh for "Floating Like the Dead," in Vancouver Review (Winner)

2008 - Journey Prize Stories 20

Dana Mills for “Steaming for Godthab,” in Geist
Saleema Nawaz for “My Three Girls,” in Prairie Fire (Winner)
Clea Young for “Chaperone,” in Grain Magazine

2007 - Journey Prize Stories 19

Craig Boyko for “OZY,” in PRISM international (Winner)
Krista Foss for “Swimming in Zanzibar,” in The Antigonish Review
Rebecca Rosenblum for “Chilly Girl,” in Exile

2006 - Journey Prize Stories 18

Heather Birrell for “BriannaSusannaAlana,” in The New Quarterly (Winner)
Lee Henderson for “Conjugation,” in Border Crossings
Martin West for “Cretacea,” in PRISM international

2005 - Journey Prize Stories 17

Krista Bridge for “A Matter of Firsts,” in Descant
Barbara Romanik for “Seven Ways to Chandigarh,” in The Malahat Review
Matt Shaw for “Matchbook of a Mother’s Hair,” in Exile: A Literary Quarterly (Winner)

2004 - Journey Prize Stories 16

Kenneth Bonert for “Packers and Movers,” in Grain
Devin Krukoff for “The Last Spark,” in Grain (Winner)
Elaine McCluskey for “The Watermelon Social,” in The Antigonish Review

2003 - Journey Prize Stories 15

Dawn Rae Downton for “Hansel and Gretel,” in Grain
Charlotte Gill for “Hush,” in Grain
Jessica Grant for “My Husband’s Jump,” in The Malahat Review (Winner)

2002 - Journey Prize Stories 14

Geoffrey Brown for “Listen,” in Broken Pencil
Jocelyn Brown for “Miss Canada,” in This Magazine (Winner)
Neil Smith for “Green Fluorescent Protein,” in Event

2001 - Journey Prize Stories 13

Kevin Armstrong for “The Cane Field” by Event (Winner)
Vivette J. Kady for “Anything That Wiggles” in Prairie Fire
Heather O’Neill for “Little Suitcase” in This Magazine

2000 - Journey Prize Stories 12

Timothy Taylor for "Doves of Townsend"

1999 - Journey Prize Stories 11

Alissa York for "The Back of the Bear’s Mouth"

1998 - Journey Prize Stories 10

John Brooke for "The Finer Points of Apples"

1997 - Journey Prize Stories 9

Gabriella Goliger for "Maladies of the Inner Ear" and
Anne Simpson for "Dreaming Snow" (tie)

1996 - Journey Prize Stories 8

Elyse Gasco for "Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?"

1995 - Journey Prize Stories 7

Kathryn Woodward for "Of Marranos and Gilded Angels"

1994 - Journey Prize Stories 6

Melissa Hardy for "Long Man the River"

1993 - Journey Prize Stories 5

Gayla Reid for "Sister Doyle’s Men"

1992 - Journey Prize Stories 4

Rozena Maart for "No Rosa, No District Six"

1991 - Journey Prize Stories 3

Yann Martel for "The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios"

1990 - Journey Prize Stories 2

Cynthia Flood for "My Father Took a Cake to France"

1989 - Journey Prize Stories 1

Holley Rubinsky for "Rapid Transits"



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