2015 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust  Prize for Nonfiction Finalist

Lynette Loeppky Cease: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Desire  Oolichan Books

Lynette Loeppky
Oolichan Books

Lynette Loeppky Cease: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Desire  Oolichan Books

Jury Citation

With unwavering honesty, Lynette Loeppky navigates labyrinths of hospital wards and the human heart – while asking hard questions about what we owe each other, what we owe ourselves. By turns poignant and poetic, brutal and reflective, Cease is a compelling character study and an unflinching look at the end of love. A remarkable debut by an assured and talented author, Cease will haunt readers long after they’ve turned the last page.

About the Book

Cecile and Lynette were living on an "Old MacDonald"-style hobby farm, commuting into Calgary for work. Each evening Lyn would come home to a farm full of animals and her unpredictable partner who could be brilliant and engaging and then suddenly turn on her cruelly. After eight years, just as Lyn made the decision to leave and was beginning to plan her exit, Cecile fell seriously ill. Overnight, Lyn became the sole caregiver to a woman she had been planning to leave. She felt trapped, furious at having to stay, guilty for wanting to flee. Long days and nights were spent at Cecile’s bedside imagining how death would come, and contemplating a relationship gone wrong. Told with a frank and intimate voice, Cease is a story about how we love and why we stay, especially in a time of crisis.

About the Author

Lynette Loeppky was born and raised on the Manitoba prairie by Mennonite parents. She has travelled extensively and lived for an extended time in Denmark, but counts amongst her greatest adventures the eight years that she tended a farm in southern Alberta. She now lives in Calgary. Cease, her first book, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award earlier this year. 




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Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing


September 19 for books published between June 20 and September 18, 2018


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